tina stokkan
(2021-) designer at metric design
(2018-2021) BA graphic design at westerdals høyskolen kristiania
(2020) intern at daytwo
01 - typographic      experiments

this project is my BA project. it explores how typography behaves when treated in unconventional ways within a given framework. all of the text is set in helvetica neue regular 10 pkt. the result is a book containing 14 different typographic experiments, that consists of seven iterations each. the text gradually goes from being a familiar and readable to become a visual, illustrative or abstract element.

02 - blurred magazine

the theme of this magazine explores the fine line between art and design. by example questioning when a vase is just a vase and when the vase becomes a piece of art.

the magazine itself is designed in two parts - one for text and one for photographs. this means that whilst reading an article you can browse through the photographs belonging to that article. when unfolded it measures 100 cm in width.

03 - chargo

chargo is an already existing app-based service, providing a network of power banks available to rent. our task was first to work out the ux-design of the app, making it easier to use. we then redesigned the entire app. this was followed by adjusting their profile to work better with the new app-design, and lastly we redesigned the brand's website as well.

04 - alics

alics is a proposal for a new identity for an existing data analyzing company. the identity has an androgynous look. it is minimalistic, with focus on the user easily finding the information they are in need of. the profile has a modern and playful feel, whilst still having timeless attributes.

05 - abstrakt

abstrakt is a sans serif typeface created by using modules.the typeface experiments by deconstructing and removing parts of each letter, exploring how much you can remove whilst it is still possible to read the words. this leaves a clean and minimalistic look. it comes in four weights - abstrakt, vagt, håndfast and konkret.

06 - mere shoecare

mere shoe products is a fictional line of eco-friendly and natural shoe products. the shapes and colour palette represent the scandinavian nature and have an organic feel to them. the series consists of a shoe cleaner, a shoe cream and a brush.